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AI for Product Marketers, Version 2

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Hey, product marketer 👋
It's here! AI made just for you - Version 2!

I am SO glad that you’ve made it here!

Our little PMM world has been turned upside down by AI. It has the power to change everything, to evolve our processes and outputs in ways I’ve only ever read about in sci fi novels.

Like you, I’m the kind of product marketer who digs in deep and makes use of what I find. That’s why I’ve created AI for Product Marketers, working away at it for months to come up with the most practical, useful, and inspired templates powered by Notion AI’s flexible platform.

Most importantly, I've built it in a way that allows me to share it with as many people as possible.


Your PMM pal,

Jess Petrella

Version 2

Over 7,000 of your peers have used Version 1 of AI for Product Marketers. PMMs from Pinterest, Later, Hey, Shopify, Klarna and more found out what AI could do for their work efficiency.

After a ton of feedback and requests, the AI template system has evolved beyond my wildest dreams (and hopefully yours, too!) 

What do you get?

  • 21 product marketing use cases solved by AI templates
  • 8 categories
    • Competitive intel
    • Customer research
    • Market research
    • Messaging and Copywriting
    • Launches
    • Strategy
    • PMM Operations
  • 65 unique and editable prompts - all solved with AI
  • Forever access to all newly added templates, prompts, and categories (as part of V2)

Okay, but what can you actually DO with it?

So, so much! Take AI for Product Marketers with you through the whole go-to-market journey.

  • Plan: partner with AI to plan your launches, projects, strategies, and briefs.
  • Research: perform tedious research tasks like script writing, interview summaries, and reporting in a few minutes instead of hours.
  • Execute: create launch assets like blogs, emails, social media posts, internal announcements, and more.
  • Enable: in a few clicks, generate battle cards, training materials, and launch summaries for your stakeholders.
  • Report: quickly generate reports, summaries, retros, and action items.

Why Notion AI?

I could have built this anywhere. Or could I have?

There are a few good reasons why Notion is the best place for PMMs to leverage AI.

  • It’s accessible. We’ve all created a document before, and Notion AI is just as easy. With a free account and free AI credits to get started with, anyone can use it.
  • It’s functional. You can use AI prompts and generate outputs all in the same place where you’ll share your work. Your launch briefs, reports, scripts, messaging docs, battle cards, and more are delivery-ready on the spot.
  • It’s powerful. Notion AI runs off of GPT 3.5 technology, this is the same or better machine learning model that you’d experience (and pay for) anywhere else.

One time payment = forever access. (Every sale helps create a lot of equally as great free stuff for PMMs, too! :))

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One time payment = forever access. (Every sale helps create a lot of equally as great *free* stuff for PMMs, too! :))

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AI for Product Marketers, Version 2

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