AI for Product Marketers

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Hey, product marketer ūüĎč
It's here! AI made just for you. 

Did you hear about Ethan Mollick? He's a professor who built a product launch in just 30 minutes using AI. Here's what he said about it: 

"I don't think people realize how MUCH high-end work AI can do. So I challenged myself to use it to create a fake marketing campaign in 30 minutes. It conducted research, made strategy, created emails and social campaigns, built websites & graphics, and even did a video. All in 30 minutes. A lot of things are going to be changing, I think."

It's happening... and it's here, product marketer! 

Introducing AI for Product Marketers (Version 1)

✨ 40+ expertly crafted and rigorously tested prompts
‚ú® Easy access (save the Notion template set and start generating content in seconds!)
✨ 6 templates that cover common PMM use cases:

  • write¬†launch assets (blog posts, social posts, emails, landing page copy, etc)¬†
  • prepare¬†customer interview scripts
  • organize your internal comms
  • expand your messaging into copy
  • generate competitor intel reports & website summaries

Basically, all of those tedious tasks that take you hours to do and drain your mental bandwidth, done for you.

The fun part: take what the AI has generated and get critical. Make edits. Copy, paste, then publish. All so that you can get back to strategic thinking, creative dreaming, and human interfacing :)

Why "Version 1"? AI technology is moving fast - tech advancements and new opportunities are emerging every week. PMM OPS is starting with V1, a Notion-powered AI system for PMMs. We'll collect feedback and perspectives, asks and insights, and together we'll continue developing something incredible for PMMs. 

Demo: AI for Product Marketers, Customer Interview Script Generator

I want this!

One time payment = forever access. (Every sale helps create a lot of equally as great *free* stuff for PMMs, too! :))

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AI for Product Marketers

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I want this!